About Us
Great One Global Certification Co., Ltd

Being a professional leader in testing, inspection and product certification services, Great One Global Certification Co., Ltd is a privately owned laboratory providing independent third party testing , evaluation , inspection and other related services to North American , European , International and other countries safety standards.

We provided trusted source for global product compliance –by a formal process-involving examination , testing , consulting , and product certification . We help our clients get the certification at less cost and fast turn around time – by our professional experiences of twenty-five years in product safety certification.

Nowadays , more and more customers are looking for a third party testing and certification organization to verify compliance of their products with the requirements demand competent , fast , flexible and friendly service , they choose to use Great One Global Certification Co., Ltd as their preferred service provider.

Our Advantage
  • Flexible Test Schedule
  • Thorough Construction Review
  • Actuate Test Data
  • No More Test Failure
  • No More Certification Cost Increase
  • Great Project Follow Up
  • Quick Project Turn Around Time
  • One Stop Shopping- We Offer access to Global Markets
Our Experience
  • Cord Sets and Power Supply Cord
  • Transformer and Class 2 Power Unit
  • Portable Electric Lamp and Lumminairs
  • Christmas Lighting String & Outfit
  • Household and Commercial Appliances
  • Motors
  • Switches
  • ITE and Audio-Video Products
  • Fire Protection and Burglary Protection
  • Others
Our Locations

Great One Global Certification Co., Ltd has branches and labs in Taipei(Taiwan) , Ningbo (China) , Qingdao (China) , Guangzhou (China) and Shanghai (China). Through our local services including product safety testing and certification , EMC Testing and performance / benchmark testing , Great One Global Certification Co., Ltd helps his clients to access global markets faster than ever before.

Taiwan Safety Lab

Website: http://www.go-safety.com.tw
E-mail: sales@go-safety.com.tw